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Bahir Dar city

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

The project is situated in the Bahir Dar City of Amhara Region. Bahir Dar is the capital of Amhara National Region Stage (ANRS) situated at the Southern part of Lake Tana, source of the Blue Nile. Bahir Dar has significant potential for ecotourism due to its natural variation, cultural history and magnificent scenery. Major part of the River Nile’s waters comes from the Lake Tana. The Tana Lake is on average only 9 meters deep with the deepest part being 15 meters, which makes it very sensitive ecological system. Bahir Dar City has seasonal flooding from end of May to September. The city of Bahir Dar does not have sewerage or waste water management system and as a result, the Lake Tana and River Nile suffers from pollution generated by the Bahir Dar City. Amhara Region is also suffering of the loss of top soil and hydropower energy due to insufficient and backwards watershed management.

It is estimated that the Bahir Dar City population is close to 250,000. In Bahir Dar drinking water supply is relatively good. The City directs its water from two natural springs, which are situated some 20 km from the city. The pipelines are quite new and functional. About 50 % of the spring capacity is pumped to the city water supply network at the moment. Most of the households have their own yard tap water connections. In sanitation most of the Bahir Dar dwellers use non-protected pit latrines. This means that pit latrines leak to the underground water aquifer. Many dwellers in Bahir Dar Kebeles are connected to the public water points.

The marketplace of Bahir Dar.

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