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Biogas toilets

One area of the Bahir Dar SAWE project is to construct dry toilets and operating biogas unit to create energy for cooking. This is demonstrated and promoted through building a biogas unit attached to a cafe in a market place in Bahir Dar.


Biogas refers to a gas which is produced by a decomposition of organic matters in the absence of oxygen. The projects aims to produce a biogas by building a digester and using human waste(faeces) as a raw material and source of energy. Biogas is an environmental friendly source of energy.

Dry toilets

The project is also working on building dry toilets in Bahir Dar, this will decrease the water problem as these toilets dont use water, the wastes will be collected and treated, they can then be used in fertilising plants. Toilets are built within the biogas unit as well as there will be separate dry toilets, also mobile urine diverting toilets are built.

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